I believe that an anthropological education is highly valuable and relevant in today's world. Anthropology is among the most holistic and broad disciplines because it covers all aspects of humanity. My teaching philosophy is to incorporate and reflect this diversity in the classroom and to instill in students a broad-based understanding of what it means to be human. Anthropology increases critical thinking and encourages students to be open-minded, see the world from other points of view, and embrace diversity. It is also inherently interdisciplinary, making it the perfect lens through which to understand an increasingly complex and interconnected world. I believe that anthropological awareness and knowledge, and the analytical thinking skills that my classes and mentoring provide, prepare students for problems in a wide range of professional and academic environments.

I am always looking for eager students to collaborate on my various research projects. Please contact me if you are interested.

Courses Taught: ANT 206: Human Origins, ANT 305: Methods in Biological Anthropology, ANT 313: Primate Behavior and Ecology, ANT 340: Culture and Environment, ANT 380: Human Variation