Selected Publications (See Curriculum Vitae for all publications)

Shaffer, C.A., Yukuma, C., Marawanaru, E., and Suse, P. (2017). Assessing the sustainability of Waiwai subsistence hunting in Guyana by comparison of static indices and spatially explicit, biodemographic models. Animal Conservation DOI: 10.1111/acv.12366.

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Shaffer, C.A., Marawanaru, E., Yukuma, C. (In Press). An ethnoprimatological approach to assessing the sustainability of primate subsistence hunting of indigenous Waiwai in the Konashen Community Owned Conservation Concession, Guyana. In Dore, K. M., Riley, E.P., and Fuentes, A. Ethnoprimatology: A Practical Guide to Research on the Human-Nonhuman Primate Interface. Cambridge University Press.

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Edited Volumes

Shaffer, C.A., Dolins, F., Hickey, J., Porter, L., and Nibbelink, N. (Under Contract) GPS and GIS in primatology. A Practical Guide to Spatial Analysis for Primatologists. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.




Marissa Milstein,MA,DVM Candidate                                   University of Minnesota

Dominic Travis,DVM                     University of Minnesota

Thomas Gillespie,PhD                  Emory University

Karen Terio, DVM,PhD          University of Illinois

Joseph Orkin, PhD                      University of Calgary

John Willman,PhD                        Washington University in St. Louis